Freestanding Vanity Daisy

Freestanding wood banthroom vanities rest on legs, have a sink and counter space, and many of them contain drawers for storage space beneath them. Vanities allow you to store items that you want to keep out of the way, as well as look great, but deciding on what type of vanity works best in your bathroom depends on the size of the room, as well as your specific style preference.

The range of sizes free standing vanities come in allow for even half-baths to use one effectively. From single to double, antique to modern, our wide selection of styles ensures you'll find your next bathroom vanity right here. Get a quote about custom wood bathroom vanity.

Types of custom wood bathroom vanity

1.With its unique floating appearance, a wall-mounted bathroom vanity makes a bold and stylish statement in any bathroom. Available in single and double sink varieties, wall hung vanities are a great solution for making your bath look larger and more spacious.

2.Unlike wall-hung vanities, free-standing vanities rest on legs or sturdy bases, and can, therefore, be simpler to install by DIY remodelers. They are often designed to look like an armoire or console table and come in both modern and traditional styles, making it easy to find one that matches your home's other furniture.If you want to get more details about custom wood bathroom vanity, welcome to contact us.

Choose your custom bathroom vanity

1.Our luxury bathroom vanities run the gamut of old-world antique, modern and transitional styles. For a contemporary home, there's no better choice than a modern bathroom vanity. Featuring sleek designs, stylish vessel sinks and minimal hardware, modern vanities offer all the trendy style you demand in a variety of sizes and finishes to match any decor.

2.If your decor is neither ultra-modern nor old world, transitional vanities are your best choice. Featuring a combination of contemporary and classic design elements, a transitional can work almost anywhere. This style of vanity will hold appeal over time, too, no matter what the current trends.

3.Last but not least, you’ll encounter various traditional, antique designs in our bathroom vanities store. Despite their appearance, antique vanities incorporate all the contemporary features you'd expect in today's vanity designs; however, they do it in a way that highlights a more ornate, timeless aesthetic. Rich wood finishes, decorative flourishes and classic looks are all popular features. These elements ensure your new antique vanity will never go out of style.