Freestanding Vanities

A freestanding (or floor-mounted) vanity rests on the ground and can stand without added wall support. Depending on the style and dimensions, freestanding vanities offer good storage space and allow you to use fewer tiles when finishing your bathroom’s floor. The extra storage does mean they can take up more floor space, but one-sink cabinets can be a perfect fit for smaller bathrooms.

Pros of Freestanding Vanities

  • Wide range of styles

  • A ton of storage space and options

  • You can reuse interesting furniture as a vanity with minimal DIY hacking

  • You will not need as much tile to finish your bathroom

As you design the bathrooms in your new home, keep your lifestyle and ideal aesthetics in mind when you choose vanities. To get the most enjoyment from your new home, you need to design every aspect to meet your needs — bathroom vanities included. 

Golden Furnitures provide comprehensive customization service, from style, color to size, can be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to contact us to get your custom freestanding vanity.