Ordinary Mirror

Why do I need a Bathroom Ordinary Mirror?

A bathroom is incomplete without a mirror, and it serves multiple purposes beyond helping you look your best or set you up for the day ahead.

A Bathroom Ordinary Mirror can also play its part in making your bathroom appear larger by reflecting the light and space around. This forms an optical illusion of extending your bathroom and provides more natural light, thereby making the space look bigger.

Moving on from this, though, can you imagine not having a mirror? It helps when brushing your teeth, having a wash, and fixing your hair. It’s vital to every bathroom.

What Bathroom Ordinary Mirror are used for:

Applying Makeup

Inserting Contacts Into Your eyes

Cleaning and Washing Your Face

Facial Care

What size should a Bathroom Ordinary Mirror be?

When choosing a Bathroom Ordinary Mirror, it is important to consider function as well as proportions. This will provide balance to your bathroom and avoid an over or undersized mirror.

If the mirror is to be positioned above your sink or vanity unit, the general rule is that it should not be wider than the unit. When buying a vanity unit, consider purchasing your mirror at the same time so it is tailored to match the sink.

An alternative, if you are buying a mirror at a different time to the unit, is to buy a mirror that is roughly 80% the width of your vanity unit or basin.

For the height of a mirror, if it is to go above a vanity unit, you should consider the height of those who will be using it. Your mirror should be a few feet in height - one foot above and below the eyeline of those who will be using it, ideally.

However, if you choose a larger mirror, this will provide more viewing angles and give your bathroom the feeling of being more spacious.

Read on to find out about each type of Bathroom Ordinary Mirror…