• Guitar 3075 Malaysia Custom Floating Bathroom Vanity

  • Guitar 3075 Malaysia Custom Floating Bathroom Vanity

  • Guitar 3075 Malaysia Custom Floating Bathroom Vanity

Guitar 3075 Malaysia Custom Floating Bathroom Vanity

Model Number: Guitar3075

Installation Type: Wall Mounted

Cabinet Material: MFC

Drawers: Flat

Basin: Two

Countertop: Pocerlain top

Mirror: Optional

Include Faucet / Drainage: No

Color: Customized




Floating bathroom vanity is a hot new trend that offer a lot in the way of style and space saving design at once. They're available in several styles and finishes, and have plenty of perks to consider. 

What are Floating Vanities?

Floating vanities are fixtures that appear to be “floating” because they are mounted to the wall and do not sit on the floor at all. These are a trending design right now because they offer a modern finish that creates a more luxurious space. Even in their most affordable incarnations, these vanities look and feel expensive.

Plus, as a bonus, they save on floor space and almost everyone can benefit from having more space in the bathroom. These sleek, modern design elements don’t look right in every space, but in the right spaces, they can create a beautiful aesthetic and provide a lot of function.



1.Material: melamine faced chipboard (MFC)

2.Color: Cement

3.Finish: Melamine

4.Environment Certification:"E1"t

5.Handle:45 Oblique

6.Drawer running system: soft closing drawer slides. Silent & smooth operation.

7.Patent: U-shaped drawer built around the plumbing.

8. Drawers: 2

9. Doors: 0



1.Material: Pocerlin Top + Ceramic Basin

2.Color: white glossy

3.Features: anti-scratch, anti-stain, anti-bacteria, easy to clean, low maintenance.

4.Design: Deep rounded rectangular basin. Strong splash proof. Integrated (one-piece) body.

Advantages and disadvantages of Floating Bathroom Vanity


1.Makes the space seem bigger

2.No floor space taken up

3.Efficient storage without compromising on space

4.Available in several sizes, finishes, and colors

5.Single or double-sink options


1.Can be more challenging and costly to install

2.May not be safe for homes with small children due to climbing risk

Ultimately, although everyone’s design needs are different, the floating vanity typically has far more pros than cons. This is what makes it the ideal choice and such a popular design for people right now.

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Custom Floating Bathroom Vanity


32"*20"*18" (W*D*H)

GW: 15 kgs  NW:12 kgs  CBM: 0.3m³



75"*21"*7/10" (W*D*H)

GW:15 kgs  NW:14 kgs  CBM:0.1m³