Feng Shui on Vanity Table.

Aug. 03, 2022

Since ancient times, feng shui has been widely used as a metaphysical art, feng shui as a cosmic force, it can be well integrated into nature, so as to achieve the effect of celestial unity. Where should the vanity be placed? The correct placement can bring you very good feng shui, if placed improperly will also have a certain impact on our lives, therefore, the placement of the vanity also needs to be careful.


Do you know Feng Shui?


Chinese feng shui originated long ago and has been developed and passed down through the dynasties, forming a theoretical system with many schools of thought. To a certain extent, feng shui has a direct impact on people's luck, health, wealth, family and other issues. "Water can carry a boat as well as overturn it", and the influence of feng shui on people is precisely this double-sided truth. A good feng shui layout can bring you health and peace. Nowadays, it is widely used in the fields of architecture, decoration and archaeology.


Classical Placement

How should I place my vanity?


■Washbasins between two houses

Some rooms are close together, leaving an awkward 1 m² in the middle, so consider placing the washbasin here, for example between two bedrooms, between the kitchen and the bathroom, etc. The advantage of this is that it makes full use of the space and avoids wasting it, while also having the effect of dividing the area.


■Washbasin in the entrance hall

It is more auspicious in feng shui to wash off the dust from your body when you come back from outside every day. Especially with COVID-19, a washbasin in the foyer makes it easier to clean and disinfect yourself as soon as you enter.


Feng Shui on Vanity Table.

■Do not put the vanity table opposite the bed.

Because vanity tables usually have mirrors, which have a reflective effect, people's energy is weak when they sleep, and mirrors will reflect some of their energy out, which can lead to some health problems such as neurasthenia; in addition, when you get up at night, people are in a state of insensibility, and are easily frightened by the figure in the mirror.

After learning from this article, we believe that you could place the vanity better than previous days, for beautiful vanities, please feel free to contact Golden Furnitures.