How to Do Bathroom Cleaning?

Feb. 20, 2023

Bathroom is always waterlogged, easy to hide dirt and many dirty things. Therefore, we must do a good job of cleaning the bathroom. Many people say that it is difficult to clean off some too dirty places in the bathroom, so how to clean the bathroom? The following Golden Furnitures will introduce you to clean the bathroom in a small way, come to understand!


How to clean the bathroom - faucet cleaning


Faucet in the use of a long time, the appearance will be dull and gray. Wipe with a wire ball effect is not obvious, and will leave unsightly scratches. You can use peeled potato peel in the faucet surface wipe back and forth, and then wipe clean with a rag, or use shaving cream wipe to the faucet, wipe back and forth with a wet rag, rinse with water, the faucet will be restored to its original glory.


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How to clean the bathroom - toilet cleaning


Whether it is a squatting potty, or sitting toilet, with a long time in its internal porcelain wall will have a layer of dirt, the angle is more tricky, the general tools can not brush. If you have leftover cola or other carbonated soft drinks at home, you can shake it and quickly pour it into the potty or toilet while the bubbles are still there, or you can throw in a few effervescent tablets and brush it up and down with a brush after the bubbles disappear, and then flush it with water.


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How to clean the bathroom - shower cleaning


Many people will certainly think, the shower is not the bathroom * clean things, in fact, it is not, the shower surface looks clean, due to the long-term flow of water from the tiny pores, easy to hide dirt, and because of the small pores, cleaning up the difficulty will also increase. Take a plastic bag, pour a 1:1 ratio of water and white vinegar, remove the shower and dip it into the plastic bag, seal it and leave it for half an hour, then rinse it with hot water, you can remove all the scale from the pores of the shower.


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How to clean the bathroom - tile cleaning


A large amount of water vapor will be attached to the bathroom tiles when you take a shower, and the tiles will be easily moldy if they are not ventilated and dried in time, which looks very unattractive. Use a large bottle to pour 1:1 ratio of water and white vinegar, shake well and screw on the nozzle. Spray all the tiles in the bathroom once, spray and wait for the tiles to dry naturally, rinse again with water and wipe dry, you can remove the mold on the tiles.


In addition to cleaning and maintaining your existing bathroom facilities, buying a suitable sink can also effectively decorate your bathroom and improve your quality of life.


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Piano6048 High Glossy Single Sink Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet