The Bathroom Round-up!

Aug. 29, 2022

The bathroom is a place that carries a lot of daily life. The small space may hold dozens of items such as toilets, toiletries, bathroom cabinets, sinks and so on. Today we're going to do a loveware share. (Come to Golden Furnitures to choose your bathroom vanity?)


How is the space in a bathroom divided?

Generally speaking, a bathroom must have the three basic functions of washing, bathing and toileting, and the key to meeting these three functions is the choice of products. So, what are the essential items and facilities in a bathroom?


◆Toilet area generally includes washbasin, spout faucet, towel rack, soap box, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and toothbrush cup, etc.


The bathing area generally includes a shower, a non-slip floor mat, a bathtub or a glass partition, a towel rack, a shelf for bathing articles, etc.


The toilet area generally includes a toilet or squatting toilet, a tissue box and a toilet suction cup.


◆At the same time, the bathroom must also have the basic functions of lighting, ventilation and floor drains out of the water.


The Bathroom Round-up!

Selection and placement of bathroom supplies.


The bathroom must have a mirror, which should be installed on the cabinet, next to some shelves or drawers to store common items such as shampoo, shower gel and cosmetics.


If the bathroom is spacious, choose a counter-top basin with a storage cabinet to store bathroom cleaning products such as toilet bowl cleaner, washing powder and so on.


Place towel racks and hanging cabinets in the bathing and washing up areas. Towels can be dried to prevent the growth of germs and clothes taken off and ready to be changed in the shower can be kept close by in the hanging vanity without the fear of getting wet.


What's trending in the bathroom.


With the progress of society, the pace of development of bathroom products is also changing, many new and innovative sanitary ware has begun to market, such as multi-functional washbasins, beautiful and practical bathroom cabinets and styles more in line with the aesthetic toilet, but also increasingly become a hot spot sought after by consumers.


Compared to the past, the sink is no longer the pursuit of marble countertop luxury; toilet is no longer bulky and huge; more and more rational consumers will rationally consider the size of their own bathroom, choose the right bathroom supplies. In terms of materials, ceramic products no longer dominate the bathroom, stone, glass, wood and other materials have become alternatives to ceramic products, and health and environmental protection is also a theme that we are particularly pursuing.


Golden Furnitures offers a wide range of bathroom vanities in different materials and styles, as well as multi-functional cabinets for hand washing and storage, Golden Furnitures is committed to meeting all your bathroom imaginations!