• Piano1024-HG High Glossy Large Storage Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

  • Piano1024-HG High Glossy Large Storage Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

  • Piano1024-HG High Glossy Large Storage Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

  • Piano1024-HG High Glossy Large Storage Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

Piano1024-HG High Glossy Large Storage Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

Model Number: Piano1024-HG

Installation Type: Wall Mounted

Cabinet Material: MFC / MDF

Drawers: 45 Oblique

Basin: 1

Countertop: Artifical Stone

Mirror: Optional

Include Faucet / Drainage: No

Color: Customized




Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets, also named Floating Vanity Cabinets. It frees up floor space for you and your family. Our bathroom cabinets give you a place to stash your essentials, from extra toothpaste to make-up. Check out our different styles and colours and find the one that best suits you.

Wall hung bathroom units are a convenient solution for those who want to keep bathrooms tidy and organised without leaving a big footprint. Our wall mounted bathroom cabinets range also includes mirror cabinets which provide the practicality of a mirror as well as the additional benefit of creating the illusion of more space in tighter areas.

If you are interested in Custom Floating Vanity Cabinets, welcome to contact us.


1.Material: melamine faced chipboard (MFC) / MDF

2.Color: White/Grey/ Customized

3.Finish: High Gloss Painting

4.Environment Certification:"E1"t

5.Handle: 45 oblique cut invisible handle

6.Drawer running system: soft closing drawer slides. Silent & smooth operation.

7.Patent: U-shaped drawer built around the plumbing.

8. Drawers: 2


Basin: 1

1.Material: Artificial Stone

2.Color: Glossy White

3.Features: anti-scratch, anti-stain, anti-bacteria, easy to clean, low maintenance.

4.Design: Deep rounded rectangular basin. Strong splash proof. Integrated (one-piece) body.

Wall-hung/Floating Vanities VS Freestanding Vanities

What Is a Wall-Hung Vanity?

A wall-hung vanity is attached directly to the wall instead of standing on the floor. This means there is a clear space underneath the vanity.Wall-hung vanities come in different sizes, including with either one or two basins. They can also be attached at different heights on the wall.

Advantages Of a Wall-Hung Vanity


1.They'Re Ultra-Moderna 

wall-hung vanity is a perfect choice if you want to create clean, crisp lines in your bathroom. Their sleek, modern looks coordinate perfectly with contemporary décor schemes, making a wall-hung vanity a highly fashionable and chic choice.


2.They're Easy To Clean

As a wall-hung vanity doesn’t have legs, it’s easy to clean underneath. With full access to the flooring under your wall-hung vanity, it’s a simple matter of running a broom, vacuum or mop across and you’re done. 


3.They Can Make Your Bathroom Look More Spacious

If you have a smaller bathroom, the fixtures and fittings you choose are key to creating the illusion of more space. A wall-hung vanity works particularly well for this purpose. As it doesn’t touch the floor, it creates an unbroken line of floor space, which automatically makes the room look larger.


4.They'Re Comfortable And Convenient

When you need to look in the bathroom mirror, such as when you’re putting on make-up or shaving, it’s important to be able to stand as close to the mirror as possible so you can see what you’re doing clearly. A wall-hung vanity is ideal for this – you can position your feet underneath it, getting up close to the mirror without stubbing your toes on the vanity!


What Is a Freestanding Vanity?

A freestanding vanity stands directly on the floor. It has a kickboard which covers all the space beneath the doors, so it’s totally enclosed.


Advantages Of a Freestanding Vanity


1.They're Classic And Timeless

A freestanding vanity is a classic style which has been popular in bathrooms for many years. This means it’s easier to change the style of your bathroom with a freestanding vanity; it coordinates with a huge variety of bathroom designs due to its timeless appeal.


2.They Offer Lots Of Storage

Freestanding vanities offer plenty of storage space for all your bathroom products. If you choose a model with two basins, this storage space is doubled. This means they’re ideal for keeping your bathroom tidy and maintaining clean lines as all your essential products can be stored away out of sight.


3.They Cover Up All Your Plumbing

Unlike wall-hung vanities, freestanding vanities are designed to cover up all your plumbing. This means that no matter what style of bathroom you choose, you won’t have to worry about your pipes being in good enough condition to be on show. It also creates a tidier, cleaner look.

Goldenfurnitures can provide the best custom floating vanity cabinets, if you don't know how to choose the bathroom cabinet that suits you, please contact us as soon as possible.


Packaging is an important part of our bathroom vanity. In order to allow you to receive the most perfect vanity, for our standard packaging, we will use pearl cotton, foam, honeycomb cardboard, carton and other materials to protect our bathroom vanities in all directions. At the same time, we also accept all packaging customization, including replacement of packaging materials, packaging methods, etc. We believe that doing each part well can bring better products.

Piano1024-HG High Glossy Large Storage Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet


24"*20"*21" (W*D*H)



24"*20"*7" (W*D*H)

Piano1024-HG High Glossy Large Storage Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet